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ERW/UXO CLEARANCE & EOD Teams The explosives remnants of wars (ERW) and unexploded ordnance (UXO) are scattered virtually everywhere in our oceans interfering directly with the human safety in the offshore subsea construction projects. Also there is a potential long-term environmental effects related to waste originating from chemical munitions dumped at sea, including their impact on human health.

TECNOSUB develop a new way of business providing a high quality services in the ERW and UXO underwater search and removal trough a highly specialized EOD (explosive ordnance disposal) teams composed by a commercial divers and army/navy former bomb technicians.

Although TECNOSUB EOD division is always searching for new methods to improve underwater UXO/ERW detection techniques, autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV´s) equipped with different electronic systems (side scan sonar, magnetometer, high resolution cameras, etc.) remain one of the most reliable and valued tools for technical underwater survey of large areas like a pipe lay corridor.

Once the targets are located, the dive team, in conjunction with the EOD supervisor determines if the items can be safely moved or whether it must be blown in place (BIP) by adequate techniques including low-order detonation as most “environmental friendly” procedure for underwater blast



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