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Letter from the Director

Letter from CEO

Dear TECNOSUB Community,

I understand TECNOSUB as a special company, a company of people proud of their past and excited about their future. Above all, it is a company hardly defined by the character and integrity of its people and a corporate history exceeding 36 years. We always keep in our minds the importance of advancing our outstanding reputation through our quality services, safety levels, personal integrity and through our strong ethical and honest business conduct.

Our corporate values are a clear reflect of those concepts:

  • Uncompromising dedication in everything we do with a high level of professional ethics
  • Fully satisfaction of our customers through innovative, superior quality and highest possible Safety levels services
  • Respect and protect the seas, form part of our job to defend the environment worldwide.
  • Develop our employees' diverse capacities, initiative and leadership as a real core and pillar base of the company
  • Support our shareholders with a real and stable global growth and attractive benefit return

In this difficult period for everybody, we will face many of new challenges. Thanks to our ethical criteria and clear aims, we will overcome them.

We hope you enjoy this new website, which is now your integrated source for everything related to TECNOSUB’s offshore diving services.

As always, please let us know if you have any questions and/or ideas on how we can better support you in your quest for high quality commercial diving services.

With best regards,

Arturo Villazón

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Provide Commercial diving services looking for client satisfaction under highest Quality and Safety standards.

Arturo Villazón, CEO

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