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Tecnosub is dedicated to that the quality of the Commercial Diving Services offered should be the accurate reflection of each client's expectations in order to assure the success in the long term of the Company.

To that end, establishes and states and accepts the following principles

  • The final quality of the service delivered to client is the result of the planned and methodical actions of prevention, detection, correction and continuous improvement through the whole process.
  • The contractual, legal and statutory requirements, wishes, clients' expectations and the knowledge of their satisfaction level are the main criteria to establish the quality standard of our services and the basis for the Organization's improvements.
  • The achievement of the scheduled economic results must be the goal of all and each one of the employees of Tecnosub, since this will guarantee its continuity and future feasibility.
  • Each employee of Tecnosub is responsible of its own work. General Manager is in charge of to promote the implementation of the Policy and Quality Objectives, providing the needed means to make easier its achievement.
  • The application of the present policy demands to promote an empowered teamwork, develop staff competencies and build strong management involvement. To achieve this, the General Management considers training a priority.
  • The enhancement of the systematic research and use of best preventive practices at all levels, as well as the updating of our services with latest technologies, they are both outstanding characteristics of our Company.

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Provide Commercial diving services looking for client satisfaction under highest Quality and Safety standards.

Arturo Villazón, CEO

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We offer you the opportunity to join a competitive and expanding company with excellent Human Resources policies.

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